Reliv Independent Distributor
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A Passion to Help Others

I fell in love with this business when my son with special needs got incredible results on these products.  His increased quality of life ignited passion and conviction to share what I had found with others.  I've built this business around 6 children, and how did I do it? One call at a time and I've made as much as $8400 in a month.

6 1/2 years into my Reliv business, my husband lost a 6-figure income. Luckily, we were virtually debt-free by that time and now, with him home, we have an incredible lifestyle and can be here full-time for our kids. This business has provided many things for me but one of my favorites is... a husband who helps with housework.

Life is about choices.  I've made mine.  I love Reliv and the lifestyle we have created.  I get to spend every day with my best friend because someone cared enough to share Reliv with me.